Vatterott Harris Devine & Kwentus, P.C.

Areas of Practice


Purchasing a home or building is one of the most important and significant expenditures for an individual, family or business. Although an exciting venture, the process can be both complex and overwhelming. Seeking legal counsel for one’s real estate endeavors can ensure diligence and decrease the possibility of future property issues.

Our firm has decades of experience in the preparation of deeds, trusts, mortgages, loan agreements and forbearance agreements for both commercial and residential transactions. We ensure that sellers’ or purchasers’ best interests are represented throughout the process and lessen the likelihood for further litigation.

Civil Litigation/ Foreclosures
We represent both the plaintiff and defendant in general civil litigation. Our firm specializes in real estate, title and brokerage, representing both borrowers and lenders in the foreclosure process in Missouri. Our experienced litigators are assertive in protecting the rights of clients involved in litigation disputes concerning boundary lines, easements, breach of contract matters, foreclosures and other real estate issues. Our priority is to protect the rights of our clients and their investments.

As a landlord, one has considerable rights. Tenants, however, have rights which can sometimes lead to conflict. It is important to protect landlords’ interests with strong leases and sound legal advice to avoid legal issues and ensure profitability.

Our attorneys represent landlords in landlord actions such as rent and possession, unlawful detainer, forcible detainer, and breach of lease. We prepare leases that give our clients efficient and cost-effective strategies to enforce their rights, while ensuring that their tenants honor their obligations as negotiated in the lease. If tenants do not fulfill their obligations, we guide our clients through the strict eviction process to avoid any penalties or added stress.

Title Law
We have decades of experience concerning title and deed issues, partition suits, adverse possession and other quiet title matters, easements, joint driveways and claims against title companies.

Federal, state and local governments can use their eminent domain power to take an individual’s private property for a public purpose, regardless of whether the landowner is willing to sell. Although this practice is legal, the law requires that the government justly compensate the landowner for the property at the fair market value.

We have experience representing parties threatened with condemnation through the negotiating and, if needed, trial process. As legal counsel, we represent our clients’ personal interests and argue for valued compensation.